Nomad focuses on production, presentation and promotion of artists tackling various processes and effects of transition. Nomad was established in Zagreb by cultural manager Vanja Žanko in order to investigate strategies of care in all insecure living and working conditions of artists. It is committed to long-term development of art system in Croatia and in Central and Eastern Europe with different actors and partners from public and private sectors.

Nomad facilitates flexible, collaborative and temporary network of art institutions, professionals and philantropists with interest in development of artists' careers in efficient and enjoyable ways.  In this way the organization gives rise to reciprocal codependence, cooperation and creativity of everyone involved. Individuals are provoked to develop care and relationship, common understanding of art community and collective action on many different levels.

Nomad is investigating and developing tailored policies individually with artists based on an understanding of their demands, but also more broadly to develop methods and tools that all visual artists in transitional and post-transitional economies need. Nomad is growing with this sector, understanding the current possibilities, rethinking the context with every new step and creating new strategies for better future for all participating parties.

Nomad collaborates with artists Jasmina Cibic, Igor Eškinja, Kristian Kožul, Zlatan Vehabović and Damir Žižić. All artists on the list come from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, whilst building impressive international careers. They exhibited at prestigious manifestations and institutions: Venice Biennial, Manifesta, Museum of Contemporary Art Ljubljana, Belgrade and Zagreb, Ludwig Museum Budapest, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, Casino Luxembourg, Musée d'art Contemporain du Val-de Marne, Camera Austria Graz, Kunstforum Vienna, among others.

Mentioned artists investigate notions of cultural heritage, national identity and social relationships transformed through processes of deterritorialisation, mediasation, commodification and tourism. They are activating local issues and employing cultural transnational connections to expose global dynamics.

Nomad is open to exchanging projects institutions and individiduals that support artists from all over the world, dealing with these questions in their practice.

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